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o c e a n    b l o g
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I’m obsessed with acai parfaits!


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Brunch is a game I excel in.
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My dash is depressingly dead. Reblog if you’re a fitblr!


Signal boosting because it’s good for fitness bloggers to find each other. :)

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Fat burning foods on We Heart It
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Alexandra Bring
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I was having a very bad body day today so I decided to do a little transformation picture! That picture was taken at the end of June 2013 that picture was taken today July 2014. It’s crazy how in only a year I’ve slimmed down so much! Ps that’s the same shirt in both pictures.


Buzzfeed’s 14 day Clean Eating Challenge - Week 1

Even if you don’t want to follow the plan there are still loads of great recipes here.

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Roasted Berry and Honey Yogurt Popsicles | Cookie + Kate

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